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Message to Yelpers


I take customer service very seriously and strive to provide the best possible experience for all my clients. In the following I want to provide Yelpers with my side of the story in the hope to set things straight.

After I photographed Stacey and Frank's wedding in 2003 (see slideshow above), the bride's mother asked me NOT to produce a wedding album as agreed, but instead give her digital negatives and 4x6 prints of every shot I'd taken, without editing or retouching - more than 2,000 prints.

I gave her everything she asked for and considered our amended contract fulfilled. I would have been happy to make her an album if she had asked for one instead of the prints.

Six years pass and I hear nothing from her until 2009 when she posts a libelous Yelp review falsely accusing me of breach of contract.

Bewildered, I reached out to her, offering yet again to make her an album - but she flatly refused. She was now demanding $4,000 to take down the review, a cut and dried case of extortion, depressingly common on Yelp.

Everyone's entitled to their opinion, but I draw the line at blackmail. If she had genuinely wanted a wedding album, I would have preferred that she simply ask for one back in 2003 rather than wait six years before trying to extort $4,000 from me. And to this date she *still* hasn't asked for an album.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant, so rather than pay her off or drag her through the courts; I'll let Yelpers to draw their own conclusions by checking out the pictures from this wedding (slideshow above), the dozens of galleries on my site or the reviews from other Yelpers.

Patrick Roddie

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