Burning Man really is a special place; the dust, warm desert sun and goodwill of 70,000 open-hearted people combine to make something truly magical. Many will have difficulty with the word “magic,” but ridiculous levels of serendipity are experienced by almost everyone on the playa, challenging the most cynical of atheists. If I’ve captured even a fraction of it, my job is done.

At my 17th consecutive burn I once again concentrated on photographing people. For those more interested in the art & fire, plenty of other photographers cover that and a good place to start is the official Burning Man gallery.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of my subjects for sharing moments of their lives with me.

(If this page takes too long to load, you can also see the pictures (and those from every year since 1998) at my lower bandwidth Web 0.9 gallery.)

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Here’s a YouTube slideshow:-