pre-burn catch up 1/3 – babies

Posted by on Aug 20, 2007 in children, pregnancy | No Comments

Less than a week to go before my tenth consecutive Burning Man. And because I shoot film, it’ll take a couple of weeks to scan it all and post the 2007 galleries. Be patient . . .

In the meantime, I’ve been clearing a huge backlog of galleries – starting with babies. I don’t get why people find babies (and animals) hard to photograph – they’re the most candid subjects you can find, if only because they haven’t learned to hide their feelings. Plus they have perfect skin and eyes and are fascinated by pretty much everything – including cameras.

A good example is the adorable Tyler, who I photographed at five weeks. I first photographed Julian when he was a sizable bump in his mother Kim, then as an exhausted one day old.

I camped with Toni and Ari at last year’s Burning Man; they’ll miss the burn this year because their baby is due soon afterwards.

Another fellow campmate, Tesla, turned one last month and is even cuter then ever.