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It sounds like a lot of money, but if like me, you find a multimillion dollar company using your work in a national advertising campaign, it's worth it. (Wo-hoo!) A nice touch is that the infringer pays my substantial lawyers fees. I'd recommend all photographers to do likewise - and find a competent lawyer.

Just because you can see stuff on the web doesn't mean it's yours. And I can tell who's visiting. For example, I know that your IP address is (none), your browser and operating system are CCBot/2.0 ( the date and time is Sunday, 21-Oct-2018 00:52:43 PDT. And I don't even use cookies.

I also use the services of BayTSP who spider the web and newsgroups ferretting out unauthorised uses of my work - even altered - and automatically generate Digital Millenuim Act notices to the infringers. So far they've found 77,000 - but not all mine. . .

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