christmas catch up

It seems I always have to apologise for my backlog of galleries – now hovering around the 50 mark – but I thought I’d better get something out for the holidays. I’ll start off with a Christmas party at a local nightclub, Rouge. You’ll notice that you’re now able to order prints and run slideshows […]

hips ships

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Seems like it’s taken forever, but the Hips book is finally shipping. People who have pre-ordered through Amazon should be getting their copies this week. Maybe even sooner if you ordered from here (shudder). I’ve even found the first review of it, from a Victoria, BC paper, Monday Magazine. I’m also having a book signing/exhibition […]


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I’ve made a dent in my backlog of weddings, here’s three more:- Sue and Stuart, Margaret and Eric and Lisa and Mike. Three more to come… And and update on “Boobalogues,” the documentary on women’s relationship with their breasts I contributed a bunch of images to. You can now buy it from the filmmakers’s website […]

couple of weddings

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Editing is hard. I’ve started to tackle a small mountain (OK, hill) of galleries and it’s painful to cut them down to size. You see, I start with up to 2,000 images and have to edit out about 90%. Painful, to say the least. That said, having too many “keepers” isn’t something I should complain […]

happiness at city hall

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I don’t know if you’ve been following the news, but apparently gay couples have been getting married in San Francisco City Hall. Anyway, I could hardly pass up such a historic event, so I headed a few blocks down the road to capture a slice of what was going on. I wasn’t prepared for the […]

parties and nuptials

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Well, it’s that time of year again – I head out to Burning Man first thing tomorrow. If you’d like to find me there, I’ll be camped near a painted white bus at 4.00 and Creed. My FPS radio channels are 7/11 and if that’s busy, 11/7. I’ll be out shooting most of the time, […]


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A very good friend of mine, Larissa, had a beautiful baby daughter in June. I was fortunate enough to be able to do a shoot with her a couple of days before and after Lily’s birth. (Lily’s in a new “Children” section which I’ll fill up when I get time.) I also got to do […]

chai, pilates and weddings

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Two more weddings today, Gwyn and Damian and Rosemary and Ben. I’m also posting pictures I took for Boulder Body Works in Colorado last month. I had a tough time editing down to the ones I have, my yoga subjects included cute kids and pregnant women. The chai tea shoot I did to pay for […]


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Two more galleries today, a shoot with Melanie and a wedding shoot for Kathleen and Rick. Also, before I approach publishers with my Hip Project book proposal, I’m trying to get as many model releases as possible. Right now, I only have about 350 out of 1,088 released, an if you or someone you know […]