1900 hips

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Oh, and in case you haven’t done so yet, please buy the book!

burning man 2006

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It’s taken me longer than ever, but at last my Burning Man 2006 galleries are up. I usually make a half-hearted attempt to even out the male:female ratio of my subjects, but not this year. As you can see from the rest of the site, I almost exclusively shoot women, so this year’s Burning Man […]

signed “hips” books

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You can now order a signed copy of my first book “Hips” from this site. Hips is a collection of 250 different hips photographed at Burning Man which I hope gives people at least some sense of the almost impossible to describe festival. Mark Morford from sfgate.com wrote the afterword. You can see my hips […]

hips ships

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Seems like it’s taken forever, but the Hips book is finally shipping. People who have pre-ordered through Amazon should be getting their copies this week. Maybe even sooner if you ordered from here (shudder). I’ve even found the first review of it, from a Victoria, BC paper, Monday Magazine. I’m also having a book signing/exhibition […]

1652 hips

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In news almost justifying the {blink} tag, my long awaited “hips” book is finally available for pre-order from Amazon. As of yet there’s not much info on the Amazon page, but you can read more from Chronicle Books. Once I know an exact release date (April-ish?) I’ll post details about parties, signings and whatnot. Stay […]

and all with perfect skin

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The Hip book arrives in Chronicle Books’ warehouse on Valentine’s Day; it should show up in book stores by the end of February. Dunno when the official publication date is yet or when I’ll go on my book tour, but I’ll keep you posted. Despite the lack of site updates, I have been busy these […]

the most beautiful woman at burning man

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It took a while, but I finally lined up a shoot with the most beautiful woman I met at last year’s Burning Man – Jodi. Once our schedules match, we’ll do another one. Watch this space. I’m a big fan of the boobies, so when a filmmaker asked me to contribute images to a documentary […]


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A very good friend of mine, Larissa, had a beautiful baby daughter in June. I was fortunate enough to be able to do a shoot with her a couple of days before and after Lily’s birth. (Lily’s in a new “Children” section which I’ll fill up when I get time.) I also got to do […]

halloween vs. day of the dead

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Halloween in San Francisco’s Castro district is a always a huge thing, but this year about 300,000 people showed up, including me and my camera. I shot a few hips, bringing my total to 1,088. For anyone interested in how the project developed, I’ve arranged them in reverse chronological order. There was a much better […]


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Last Sunday was the Burning Man decompression party in San Francisco and I took the opportunity to pass the 1,000 mark in my hips series – 1,068 to be exact. They’re in no particular order, although the first one is the hip that inspired the whole series. I think 1,000’s enough for now – all […]