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please be patient while the gallery loads

while you wait

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I’m off to Burning Man in an hour, and while the pictures from there won’t be up until mid-September (I’ve all that film to scan), here’s Gia, Karina, Launcelle and Leia, . . . Bunny Jam, Day of the Dead, the Brides of March and a Mad Hats party, . . . Griffin, Luc, Colby […]

pre-burn catch up 1/3 – babies

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Less than a week to go before my tenth consecutive Burning Man. And because I shoot film, it’ll take a couple of weeks to scan it all and post the 2007 galleries. Be patient . . . In the meantime, I’ve been clearing a huge backlog of galleries – starting with babies. I don’t get […]

weddings and babies

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Four weddings this time, or rather three weddings and a Wiccan hand tying ceremony on the breathtaking Mendecino coast. The happy couples are Britt and John, Michelle and Jon, Jen and Ray, and Janaya and Todd. I’m getting to know Tesla pretty well – I first knew her as a good sized bump on her […]

christmas catch up

It seems I always have to apologise for my backlog of galleries – now hovering around the 50 mark – but I thought I’d better get something out for the holidays. I’ll start off with a Christmas party at a local nightclub, Rouge. You’ll notice that you’re now able to order prints and run slideshows […]

timing and luck

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Photography’s all about timing and luck, and that goes for finding models too. A prime example was when I saw Mie walking past my block. (Mie’s one of the earliest mobloggers, btw.) Aside from being utterly gorgeous and knowing my work, she was barely a week from her due date. Some women positively glow when […]


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I’ve known Lily since before she was born – it’s been cool watching her develop from being a bump in her mother’s belly to a newborn, a one year old and now getting close to three years old. Two more additions to the children section are Sophie and Madeline.

interesting times

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As the Chinese curse goes, I live in interesting times. It’s been crazy busy with shoots, the book release, gallery opening (pics to follow) and more things than you could shake a stick at. If you’re in Japan, look out for my spread in My Lohas magazine, if you’re in France, pick up the French […]

stuff to do

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I’m not proud to admit it, but I have been known to procrastinate. Case in point – I have a dozen galleries to edit down and post. So what do I do? Shoot and post three others. The first is of the luminously beauty Dragana, who I met at the Post office of all places. […]