i love this town

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It seems my Burning Man pictures are rather popular – since I posted them, 130,000 people showed up and browsed two *million* pages. Since bandwidth doesn’t grow on trees, I’ve reluctantly added advertising to the site. I’ve tried to keep it as inconspicuous as possible, but if enough people object, I’ll reconsider. We’ll see. The […]

burning man 2003

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I expect a spike in traffic each time I post my Burning Man galleries, but this was the biggest yet. In the first week alone, I got 40,000 visitors, 700,000 page views and transferred a staggering 65 *gigabytes* of data. My web logs alone mushroomed by 1.5 gigs . . . The Reno Gazette Journal […]


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Last Sunday was the Burning Man decompression party in San Francisco and I took the opportunity to pass the 1,000 mark in my hips series – 1,068 to be exact. They’re in no particular order, although the first one is the hip that inspired the whole series. I think 1,000’s enough for now – all […]

burning man 2001

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I’ve just posted my Burning Man 2001 pictures in four days flat – and I didn’t even shoot digital . . . As well as the usual, I did a little project involving 180 hips. It may be a wash, but I think a lot can be said about a person from their hips and […]