burning man 2009

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burning man 2009

please be patient while the gallery loads

burning man 2008

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Burning Man was dustier than ever; two full days were lost to whiteouts. Excuses aside, I shot less than half as much as I normally do so it’s a smaller gallery this year – and probably not my best. I did like the faces section, though. Stats:- 54 rolls of Fujichome Velvia, one Nikon F100 […]

apple store talk this thursday

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Apologies for the late notice, but I’ll be doing a talk/slideshow at the San Francisco Apple Store this Thursday, May 22nd, at 7pm. I’ll talk about my Burning Man photography and share some of what I think are the better pictures I’ve taken. Seating it a bit limited, so you might want to show up […]

burning man 2007

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Burning Man 2007 was intense; so good they burned him twice. Not being a night shooter I don’t have any pictures from the first burn, but there was plenty more to see by dawn, day and dusk. Stats:- 131 rolls of Fujichome Velvia, one Nikon F100 with 50mm f1.4 lens, 60lbs of dry ice, 2,782 […]

christmas catch up

It seems I always have to apologise for my backlog of galleries – now hovering around the 50 mark – but I thought I’d better get something out for the holidays. I’ll start off with a Christmas party at a local nightclub, Rouge. You’ll notice that you’re now able to order prints and run slideshows […]

burning man 2006

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It’s taken me longer than ever, but at last my Burning Man 2006 galleries are up. I usually make a half-hearted attempt to even out the male:female ratio of my subjects, but not this year. As you can see from the rest of the site, I almost exclusively shoot women, so this year’s Burning Man […]

signed “hips” books

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You can now order a signed copy of my first book “Hips” from this site. Hips is a collection of 250 different hips photographed at Burning Man which I hope gives people at least some sense of the almost impossible to describe festival. Mark Morford from sfgate.com wrote the afterword. You can see my hips […]

burning man 2005

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Different people get different things from Burning Man; for me, I get to immerse myself in photography for a whole week and get to see how my work’s progressed (or not) at descrete yearly intervals. Oh, and have more fun in a week than I do in the other 51 combined. The weather was perfect, […]


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Turns out there was an election this month; you may have heard about it somewhere. In any case I took a few pictures before during an after the thing. A good way to get a taste of Burning Man without the travel, expense, blistering heat and whatnot is to come to the post party, Decompression. […]

burning man 2004

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Another year, another Burning Man gallery. Even though I couldn’t think of any grand new series or theme, I’m pretty happy with what I came up with. It goes without saying that I’m deeply grateful to all my subjects. Thank you all. Some numbers; eight days in the desert, 35,000 close friends, 100 pounds of […]