scanning, scanning, scanning

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Apologies to everyone who’s been trying to reach me – I’ve retreated to my apartment of solitude to scan an ungodly amount of Burning Man 2006 slides. With any luck, the gallery should be up in a week or so. From first impressions, though, I think it will be worth the wait . . .

tenth anniversary

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My site is ten years old today – I registered on July 21st, 1996 – Google won’t even be nine until September . . . If you’re interested, here’s the Internet Archive’s record of my early web doodlings.


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I’ve made a dent in my backlog of weddings, here’s three more:- Sue and Stuart, Margaret and Eric and Lisa and Mike. Three more to come… And and update on “Boobalogues,” the documentary on women’s relationship with their breasts I contributed a bunch of images to. You can now buy it from the filmmakers’s website […]

give common sense a chance

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A giant protest all but shut down San Francisco the morning bombs started falling on Iraq. I went out with the protesters to capture some of the anti war sentiment. Parental guidance: contains some expletives. This Thursday, March 27th, I’m having a kind of Open Studio in a San Francisco hotel room. The Hotel Cosmo […]

random images

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I’ve had the same entry page on my site for nearly three years, and much as I liked it, I decided it was time for a change. Problem was, which of my 100,000+ images would I use to replace it? I couldn’t decide, so I picked 120, one of which will randomly pop up when […]


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While it’s true I mostly take pictures of beautiful women (my excuse: they’re soft and they smell nice), I am capable of shooting inanimate objects. Here’s an image I did for a chai tea company which funded my Burning Man photo expenses this year, bless ’em. The last product shoot of note that I did […]