talented women

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They must put something in the water in Brazil to create the likes of Cristina. (If there’s any doubt, you may remember another Brazilian I shot, Ananda – yow.) And then there’s Alicia, an aerialist who by rights should be hired immediately by Cirque du Soleil. What she can do dangling from a tree, lesser […]


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A very good friend of mine, Larissa, had a beautiful baby daughter in June. I was fortunate enough to be able to do a shoot with her a couple of days before and after Lily’s birth. (Lily’s in a new “Children” section which I’ll fill up when I get time.) I also got to do […]


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Way back in the early days of this site, I needed some way of subdividing the “People” galleries and (albeit arbitrarily) split them between “Studio” and “Location.” Problem is that they’re both getting full (each new gallery I post means one has to be taken down) and most shoots I do start in the studio […]

give common sense a chance

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A giant protest all but shut down San Francisco the morning bombs started falling on Iraq. I went out with the protesters to capture some of the anti war sentiment. Parental guidance: contains some expletives. This Thursday, March 27th, I’m having a kind of Open Studio in a San Francisco hotel room. The Hotel Cosmo […]

chai, pilates and weddings

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Two more weddings today, Gwyn and Damian and Rosemary and Ben. I’m also posting pictures I took for Boulder Body Works in Colorado last month. I had a tough time editing down to the ones I have, my yoga subjects included cute kids and pregnant women. The chai tea shoot I did to pay for […]


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Couple more galleries today, Natalise and Mary Christina. Natalise is a pop singer and the photos I took went on her website and forthcoming album, while Mary Christina is one of the women I approached on the street and asked to model. I’ve several more shoots lined up in the near future, so stay tuned […]

random images

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I’ve had the same entry page on my site for nearly three years, and much as I liked it, I decided it was time for a change. Problem was, which of my 100,000+ images would I use to replace it? I couldn’t decide, so I picked 120, one of which will randomly pop up when […]


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Two more galleries today, a shoot with Melanie and a wedding shoot for Kathleen and Rick. Also, before I approach publishers with my Hip Project book proposal, I’m trying to get as many model releases as possible. Right now, I only have about 350 out of 1,088 released, an if you or someone you know […]

halloween vs. day of the dead

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Halloween in San Francisco’s Castro district is a always a huge thing, but this year about 300,000 people showed up, including me and my camera. I shot a few hips, bringing my total to 1,088. For anyone interested in how the project developed, I’ve arranged them in reverse chronological order. There was a much better […]


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Last Sunday was the Burning Man decompression party in San Francisco and I took the opportunity to pass the 1,000 mark in my hips series – 1,068 to be exact. They’re in no particular order, although the first one is the hip that inspired the whole series. I think 1,000’s enough for now – all […]