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Turns out there was an election this month; you may have heard about it somewhere. In any case I took a few pictures before during an after the thing. A good way to get a taste of Burning Man without the travel, expense, blistering heat and whatnot is to come to the post party, Decompression. […]

only in san francisco

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Couple of new galleries this time before I dive headfirst into a crazy October. For me, the end of summer is marked by the very “only in San Francisco” Folsom Street Fair. I’ve split it into a bunch of categories, since people seem to like that. Parental Guidance; it is a bit out there, so […]

burning man 2004

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Another year, another Burning Man gallery. Even though I couldn’t think of any grand new series or theme, I’m pretty happy with what I came up with. It goes without saying that I’m deeply grateful to all my subjects. Thank you all. Some numbers; eight days in the desert, 35,000 close friends, 100 pounds of […]

and all with perfect skin

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The Hip book arrives in Chronicle Books’ warehouse on Valentine’s Day; it should show up in book stores by the end of February. Dunno when the official publication date is yet or when I’ll go on my book tour, but I’ll keep you posted. Despite the lack of site updates, I have been busy these […]

the most beautiful woman at burning man

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It took a while, but I finally lined up a shoot with the most beautiful woman I met at last year’s Burning Man – Jodi. Once our schedules match, we’ll do another one. Watch this space. I’m a big fan of the boobies, so when a filmmaker asked me to contribute images to a documentary […]

happiness at city hall

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I don’t know if you’ve been following the news, but apparently gay couples have been getting married in San Francisco City Hall. Anyway, I could hardly pass up such a historic event, so I headed a few blocks down the road to capture a slice of what was going on. I wasn’t prepared for the […]

i love this town

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It seems my Burning Man pictures are rather popular – since I posted them, 130,000 people showed up and browsed two *million* pages. Since bandwidth doesn’t grow on trees, I’ve reluctantly added advertising to the site. I’ve tried to keep it as inconspicuous as possible, but if enough people object, I’ll reconsider. We’ll see. The […]

cabo a go go

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I did my first big digital-only (!!!) shoot last month in sunny Cabo San Lucas for Round Table Pizza. Another night I played with digital was at a local fashion show. It’s nice being to see what effects you’re getting on the spot. Noe Venable played at the Great American Music Hall a couple of […]

burning man 2003

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I expect a spike in traffic each time I post my Burning Man galleries, but this was the biggest yet. In the first week alone, I got 40,000 visitors, 700,000 page views and transferred a staggering 65 *gigabytes* of data. My web logs alone mushroomed by 1.5 gigs . . . The Reno Gazette Journal […]

parties and nuptials

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Well, it’s that time of year again – I head out to Burning Man first thing tomorrow. If you’d like to find me there, I’ll be camped near a painted white bus at 4.00 and Creed. My FPS radio channels are 7/11 and if that’s busy, 11/7. I’ll be out shooting most of the time, […]