food and japan

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Thanks to Google, I’ve been getting quite a few food-related Japanese magazine assignments. Anyway, the first one for My Lohas was about Berkeley’s world renowned Chez Panisse and it’s founder, Alice Waters. I also photographed Berkeley’s Edible Schoolyard, a banquet at biodynamic winery Robert Sinskey Vineyards and San Francisco’s giant green festival. And while we’re […]

santa paws, jill & megan

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Here’s something seasonal – the San Francisco SPCA holds a chance for pet owners to have their picture taken with Santa Paws (sic), and this year there was no shortage of unbearably cute puppies and kittens. If you’re looking to adopt one yourself, you can see some at the San Francisco Macys windows until December […]

burning man 2005

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Different people get different things from Burning Man; for me, I get to immerse myself in photography for a whole week and get to see how my work’s progressed (or not) at descrete yearly intervals. Oh, and have more fun in a week than I do in the other 51 combined. The weather was perfect, […]

clothes and food

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A close friend of mine, Amanda (and many time Thanksgiving host) recently opened a clothing store in Cotati, so I was more than happy to take pictures for her. Oh, and her website is here. If any of you read the San Francisco print version of The Onion, you may have recognised my photography in […]

interesting times

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As the Chinese curse goes, I live in interesting times. It’s been crazy busy with shoots, the book release, gallery opening (pics to follow) and more things than you could shake a stick at. If you’re in Japan, look out for my spread in My Lohas magazine, if you’re in France, pick up the French […]

hips ships

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Seems like it’s taken forever, but the Hips book is finally shipping. People who have pre-ordered through Amazon should be getting their copies this week. Maybe even sooner if you ordered from here (shudder). I’ve even found the first review of it, from a Victoria, BC paper, Monday Magazine. I’m also having a book signing/exhibition […]

1652 hips

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In news almost justifying the {blink} tag, my long awaited “hips” book is finally available for pre-order from Amazon. As of yet there’s not much info on the Amazon page, but you can read more from Chronicle Books. Once I know an exact release date (April-ish?) I’ll post details about parties, signings and whatnot. Stay […]


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I’ve made a dent in my backlog of weddings, here’s three more:- Sue and Stuart, Margaret and Eric and Lisa and Mike. Three more to come… And and update on “Boobalogues,” the documentary on women’s relationship with their breasts I contributed a bunch of images to. You can now buy it from the filmmakers’s website […]

couple of weddings

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Editing is hard. I’ve started to tackle a small mountain (OK, hill) of galleries and it’s painful to cut them down to size. You see, I start with up to 2,000 images and have to edit out about 90%. Painful, to say the least. That said, having too many “keepers” isn’t something I should complain […]

stuff to do

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I’m not proud to admit it, but I have been known to procrastinate. Case in point – I have a dozen galleries to edit down and post. So what do I do? Shoot and post three others. The first is of the luminously beauty Dragana, who I met at the Post office of all places. […]