christmas catch up

It seems I always have to apologise for my backlog of galleries – now hovering around the 50 mark – but I thought I’d better get something out for the holidays. I’ll start off with a Christmas party at a local nightclub, Rouge. You’ll notice that you’re now able to order prints and run slideshows […]

burning man 2006

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It’s taken me longer than ever, but at last my Burning Man 2006 galleries are up. I usually make a half-hearted attempt to even out the male:female ratio of my subjects, but not this year. As you can see from the rest of the site, I almost exclusively shoot women, so this year’s Burning Man […]

signed “hips” books

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You can now order a signed copy of my first book “Hips” from this site. Hips is a collection of 250 different hips photographed at Burning Man which I hope gives people at least some sense of the almost impossible to describe festival. Mark Morford from wrote the afterword. You can see my hips […]

scanning, scanning, scanning

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Apologies to everyone who’s been trying to reach me – I’ve retreated to my apartment of solitude to scan an ungodly amount of Burning Man 2006 slides. With any luck, the gallery should be up in a week or so. From first impressions, though, I think it will be worth the wait . . .

tenth anniversary

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My site is ten years old today – I registered on July 21st, 1996 – Google won’t even be nine until September . . . If you’re interested, here’s the Internet Archive’s record of my early web doodlings.

timing and luck

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Photography’s all about timing and luck, and that goes for finding models too. A prime example was when I saw Mie walking past my block. (Mie’s one of the earliest mobloggers, btw.) Aside from being utterly gorgeous and knowing my work, she was barely a week from her due date. Some women positively glow when […]

making hay

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San Francisco summers are unpredictable at best, so whenever you get a warm, clear day you make the most of it. So without any further ado, here’s Angela, Kimmy, and for my new musicians section, Canadian singer-songwriter Melanie Dekker and soprano Sarah Viola.

suren & bunnies

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I’m usually better at keeping the site up to date, but I have had my hands full, and driving rain isn’t ideal shooting weather. But I have done quite a few shoots since last time, hence the major updates today. And there are plenty more to come soon. To make up for the gap, here’s […]


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I’ve known Lily since before she was born – it’s been cool watching her develop from being a bump in her mother’s belly to a newborn, a one year old and now getting close to three years old. Two more additions to the children section are Sophie and Madeline.

fashion shows

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While San Francisco was getting drenched, I shot a few fashion shows. Springloaded, featured six designers, including Rocio. Students from the Art Institute put on a show with an animal/recycled theme; Animalia-Trash Couture. The statuesque Laquana modelled at a recent bridal fashion show. I’m hoping to do a proper shoot with her soon – stay […]