while you wait

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I’m off to Burning Man in an hour, and while the pictures from there won’t be up until mid-September (I’ve all that film to scan), here’s Gia, Karina, Launcelle and Leia, . . . Bunny Jam, Day of the Dead, the Brides of March and a Mad Hats party, . . . Griffin, Luc, Colby […]

amber and sharon

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I met Amber and Sharon when they were on their first extended date – at Burning Man 2002 – and as a result, they ended up on facing pages in my Hips book. Fast forward to 2008 when I was covering the announcement of legal same sex weddings at San Francisco City Hall, and sure […]

apple store talk this thursday

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Apologies for the late notice, but I’ll be doing a talk/slideshow at the San Francisco Apple Store this Thursday, May 22nd, at 7pm. I’ll talk about my Burning Man photography and share some of what I think are the better pictures I’ve taken. Seating it a bit limited, so you might want to show up […]

burning man 2007

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Burning Man 2007 was intense; so good they burned him twice. Not being a night shooter I don’t have any pictures from the first burn, but there was plenty more to see by dawn, day and dusk. Stats:- 131 rolls of Fujichome Velvia, one Nikon F100 with 50mm f1.4 lens, 60lbs of dry ice, 2,782 […]

pre-burn catch up 1/3 – babies

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Less than a week to go before my tenth consecutive Burning Man. And because I shoot film, it’ll take a couple of weeks to scan it all and post the 2007 galleries. Be patient . . . In the meantime, I’ve been clearing a huge backlog of galleries – starting with babies. I don’t get […]

pre-burn catch up 2/3 – weddings

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I’m way behind in posting weddings; besides the four you see today, I’ve a dozen more to tackle. First up are opera singers Sarah and Matt who got married down in Pismo Beach. You may remember Sarah from a shoot I did with her last year. Julia and Maik travelled from Germany to get married […]

pre-burn catch up 3/3 – women

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Last but not least, pretty women:- Erica (tuba player), Raquel (first grade teacher), Ariane (writer/hooping allstar), Gina (park ranger) and Yasmine (art student).

1900 hips

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Oh, and in case you haven’t done so yet, please buy the book!

weddings and babies

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Four weddings this time, or rather three weddings and a Wiccan hand tying ceremony on the breathtaking Mendecino coast. The happy couples are Britt and John, Michelle and Jon, Jen and Ray, and Janaya and Todd. I’m getting to know Tesla pretty well – I first knew her as a good sized bump on her […]