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larissa and lily five months michael ayse and noel pride 03 hips pride 03 nicole

A very good friend of mine, Larissa, had a beautiful baby daughter in June. I was fortunate enough to be able to do a shoot with her a couple of days before and after Lily’s birth. (Lily’s in a new “Children” section which I’ll fill up when I get time.)

I also got to do a shoot with another friend of mine who was five months pregnant. She had a perfectly egg shaped belly, so I used an egg as a prop. Seemed to work, but I couldn’t help thinking someone else had used the concept before. While it’s true that I almost exclusively shoot women (as I’ve said before, they’re soft and they smell nice) every once in a while I’ll shoot guys. Here’s an example, Michael. It was his first shoot, and I must say, he did a great job.

I still have several weekends open for weddings, if any brides to be out there are reading this. Here’s one I did recently, the very cool Ayse and Noel. Whether you’re gay, straight or otherwise, there’s no denying that San Francisco’s annual Pride festival is a great party. This year was no exception, and I took the opportunity to shoot 72 more hips, take pictures of some of the people I met and street cast some models. I met the lovely Nicole there and we did a shoot the following week.