1652 hips

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In news almost justifying the {blink} tag, my long awaited “hips” book is finally available for pre-order from Amazon. As of yet there’s not much info on the Amazon page, but you can read more from Chronicle Books. Once I know an exact release date (April-ish?) I’ll post details about parties, signings and whatnot. Stay […]


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I’ve made a dent in my backlog of weddings, here’s three more:- Sue and Stuart, Margaret and Eric and Lisa and Mike. Three more to come… And and update on “Boobalogues,” the documentary on women’s relationship with their breasts I contributed a bunch of images to. You can now buy it from the filmmakers’s website […]

couple of weddings

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Editing is hard. I’ve started to tackle a small mountain (OK, hill) of galleries and it’s painful to cut them down to size. You see, I start with up to 2,000 images and have to edit out about 90%. Painful, to say the least. That said, having too many “keepers” isn’t something I should complain […]

stuff to do

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I’m not proud to admit it, but I have been known to procrastinate. Case in point – I have a dozen galleries to edit down and post. So what do I do? Shoot and post three others. The first is of the luminously beauty Dragana, who I met at the Post office of all places. […]