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Last Sunday was the Burning Man decompression party in San Francisco and I took the opportunity to pass the 1,000 mark in my hips series – 1,068 to be exact. They’re in no particular order, although the first one is the hip that inspired the whole series. I think 1,000’s enough for now – all […]


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While it’s true I mostly take pictures of beautiful women (my excuse: they’re soft and they smell nice), I am capable of shooting inanimate objects. Here’s an image I did for a chai tea company which funded my Burning Man photo expenses this year, bless ’em. The last product shoot of note that I did […]


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I got back from Ecuador and the Galapagos on Saturday and I still can’t believe I went. For two weeks I got to swim with sealions and penguins, travel on luxury yachts, stay in five star hotels and shoot as much as I wanted. The Galapagos Islands are incredible; achingly beautiful with fearless wildlife – […]